Monday, February 27, 2012

Shalom or hello!!!

I am Lilia Shaevich, and this is my little crosheted world.
In an off-line life I’m Lilia Shaevich, and in the world-wide web people know me as LilikSha.
I live on the coast of Mediterranean sea, in a small Ashkelon city of the Holy Land of Israel.  
I would like to define my occupation as a designer of crocheted toys.
In 2002 I set up in business that is called " LilikSha Toys"
It is devoted to creating crocheted gifts – magic toys from fairy tales.
I create kind bright and funny creatures that have  nothing common
With those you can find in everyday life.
While creating my toys I try to imagine emotions they will give.
And I wish these emotions to be positive, kind and touching.
You can buy my toys in my on-line shop: 
  I try to make tutorials to almost all my toys in order you could create your own little wonder for yourself and your nearest and dearest.
My tutorials are in English and Russian   and some of them are translated into German and Hebrew. 
 Each tutorial has a detailed description with lots of photos so even a beginner crocheter Can use them.
 You can find my tutorials here: 
My website:  
My Russian website:  
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