Monday, April 9, 2012

Atan, the Lion with a rainbow mane.

Amigurumi Pattern - Atan, The Lion with a rainbow mane.
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Introducing: Atan, a very modest young lion.
He got his name from a very kind wizard, who was also very clever, so when he gave this name to the little lion cub he whispered a spell, “Abra-catabra-dabra-sadabra”; it meant that our cub would never be bad and cruel but instead his heart would always be filled with good thoughts and wishes, so that Atan would be a happy blessing to all he’d meet, big and small. That’s why Atan decided to work in a circus. He learned different tricks - how to jump through the burning hoop, and to stand on his toes, and even to juggle with little rainbow balls.

Lion’s height: 34 сm (13.3")

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