Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The little fox .

The little fox is made of very fluffy yarn. He is so nice to touch. He is very kind and sweet.
The toy is cricheted with lots of love!!! He can sit and stay. The fox is 30 cm high.
You can buy this wonder in my on-line shop.
Please follow this link to visit it.


  1. Wow What are your creations amazing! I love how cute they all are! I wondered if the pattern of this adorable fox is also for sale? I'll be following your blog from now on!


  2. Dear MadeByRoxy,Very many great thanks.I’m very pleased to get such warm words about my work. My blog is rather young, and I’m even more pleased that you’ve chosen it to follow.
    Unfortunately I don’t have any pattern for this little Fox at the moment.


  3. Well Your creations are beautifull, so I hope many more people will follow your blog! If you will ever make a pattern for the fox, please let me know! I really love him!