Thursday, March 7, 2013

Purple Donkey .

Purple Donkey New Pattern is already in my on-line shop!
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Purple Donkey is a rather big toy. It is about 45cm tall (ears are not included).
The Donkey has turned out to be very cute and kind, bright and positive.
He has got very long ears, that fit him perfectly. Having such ears he seems to be so sweet and shy!
His striped sweater is made together with the body, so you cannot take it off. But do not be upset. The bright stripes on the sweater make our Donkey nice and colorful.
I also like his big round eyes, lively nostrils and multicolored mane.
My son loves this Donkey and does not want to give him to anyone.
I invite you to make this touching and sweet little thing and give a bit of joy to your nearest and dearest.
In this pattern you will find a lot of photos as well as some short videos to facilitate your work. You will also learn how to join some details of the toy.
Enjoy crocheting!


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