Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lady Hippo and Gentleman Hippo

Lady Hippo New Pattern
I’ve done my best to make this pattern as soon as possible. I’ve really wanted to make it before the marriage period starts.
This pretty lady is Gentleman Hippo’s good lady.
Following this link you will find Lady Hippo pattern
Following this link you will find Gentleman Hippo pattern
I love hippos very much, that’s why I very often make them.
But this couple is really very special, as they are fit each other so perfectly.
He is courteous and nicely dressed up. He looks like a real gentleman in his vest, bow-tie and top hat.
She is very tender in her white dress and hat adorned with flowers.
You can make this couple as a wedding or engagement present for your friends or relatives.
They’ll be a nice present!

Lady Hippo’s height is 23cm
Gentleman Hippo’s height is about 25cm
Make them and give joy to your nearest and dearest!

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