Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Magic Unicorn.

Magic Unicorn
One more toy that I made being pregnant is the Magic Unicorn. At the beginning I wanted it to be a Magic Horse, but when it was ready my son said that it lacked a horn. And so that a horse became a Unicorn.
The body of the toy is made in rows. It is very interesting to make it. One side of the body is purple and the other one is pink. And this looks amazing.
I wanted to make its eyes big and bright, but they turned out to be a bit dreamy and thoughtful.
The main virtue of the toy is its mane. It is so curly and bright and you will get pleasure touching it.
And it has got wings, so white and beautiful.
Very soon my pattern for this Unicorn will appear in my Etsy shop here:

Don’t forget that the coming year of 2014 will be the year of Horse according to Chinese calendar. And a unicorn is just like a horse, but it is better and more beautiful!
Make as many Unicorns as possible to give them to all your nearest and dearest. They will be happy to get such a magic gift.
You can buy my Magic Unicorn in my Etsy toy shop here:
The toy is 32 cm tall



  1. oh I absolutely adore this one and I am hoping to buy the pattern from your etsy store so I can make 3 of them. One for me and two for my daughters. I really love this one.

    1. Thank you Ro Stevens!
      I also love this Magic Unicorn!!! =)